Robotic Surgery


Da Vinci Robotic Surgery was developed in order improve upon standard laparoscopic surgical techniques. A magnified High-Definition 3-D visual system is controlled directly by the surgeon in order to give him a much better view of the surgical field. Articulating and bending (wristed) instruments allow the surgeon to go and fit in areas that were not previously accessible to standard straight and fixed laparoscopic instruments.The robot can also correct for human error, such as tremor; it can also flip right and left hand control to provide a corrected sense of balance and control to the surgeon. The surgeon sits at a console next to the patient and controls the robot. The robot controls the laparoscopic instruments within the patient. The surgeon is in control of the robot and instruments at all times.

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Utilizing robotic techniques, surgeons are able perform some laparoscopic procedures more efficiently and safely. We are now also able to perform some procedures that were historically thought of as "open procedures" in a minimally invasive fashion. For more information on specifics of Robotic assisted surgery, please visit the website of Intuitive Surgical.

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